Dani Backpack


A smart, sustainable solution for days when you’re on the go and still need all your stuff, Dani is what we refer to as functional luxe. With the ability to comfortably house a 12-inch laptop in addition to your other daily essentials, it’s made from smooth Amazon Zero Deforestation leather and has a lining made from PET recycled plastic.

  • Zip closure
  • Amazon Zero Deforestation leather
  • BOTTLETOP signature Mistura Braiding Technique on front pocket
  • BOTTLETOP pop art print lining made from upcycled plastic (PET)
  • Created by hand at the BOTTLETOP atelier in Salvador, Brazil

30cm wide x 40cm high x 15cm deep. Internal pocket 16cm zip-pocket.

  • Hand crocheted upcycled metal tabs
  • Leather strap and accents made from certified Amazon Zero Deforestation leather
  • Enamel painted, hand finished crochet work using upcycled ring-pull detailing throughout
  • Over time the enamel finish will gradually fade in parts of heavy use, revealing the sparkling metal hidden beneath in a way that is unique to each design