Our planet is more vulnerable than ever before. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do on our product journey; from the raw materials that we use to the moment it reaches your hands.

Zero Deforestation Leather

We work with the Instituto Centro De Vida (ICV) to source our leather from a groundbreaking program called Novo Campo. It promotes sustainable farming practices which reduces deforestation and aids rainforest conservation.

Upcycled Ringpulls

All of our bags incorporate upcycled metal ring pulls in their design, which we source and clean in Brazil. We use them to create our signature chain mail fabric

Our Artisans

We train local artisans with new skills and crafts which they use to make our bags in our small atelier in Brazil. Our workers earn 45% more than the Brazilian industry average.

Plastic-free Packaging

We are acutely aware of the plastic pollution problem, which is why we don’t use any when we ship your bag to you. Instead, it will arrive in recycled cardboard packaging.

Our Upcycled Store

We’re proud to be able to say that in 2017, we opened the world’s first ever 3D printed store, made from upcycled ocean plastic. You can find us on Regent Street in London.