ICA Recognises Judy Blame with Show and Book

Stylist Judy Blame and Author Kasia Maciejowska

Long-time friend and supporter of BOTTLETOP Kasia Maciejowska launched her book last week at Dover Street Market, telling a story about the early days of upcycling in London during the 1980s. Her book focuses on design collective the House of Beauty and Culture, of which a founding member was Judy Blame, one of BOTTLETOP's first collaborating artists and a genius when it comes to creating beautiful luxury accessories out of lowly found materials.

Sir Bob Geldof styled by Judy Blame at an early BOTTLETOP shoot

Jeanne Marine & Bob Geldof styled by Judy Blame at an early BOTTLETOP shoot

Catherine Dyer and David Bailey styled by Judy Blame at an early BOTTLETOP shoot

Blame is an inspirational figure here at BOTTLETOP, so we're thrilled that the ICA has dedicated its leading summer exhibition to his innovative craftwork. The ICA is publishing the House of Beauty and Culture book in sync with the show, and is also holding a partner exhibition upstairs showing work by related artists who have collaborated with Blame in one way or another over the years.

Deconstructed jacket by Christopher Nemeth with embellishments by Judy Blame and demon insignia by Dave Baby. Courtesy Nemeth Archive

Blame's craft mixes cheeky humour with subversive taste. It's high fashion as well as punk, which has perhaps been his key to success from London to Paris, and Tokyo to New York. He's worked with Louis Vuitton, John Galliano, Jo Malone, and countless other luxury labels throughout his career. He's also defined the looks of seminal musical artists such as Bjork, Kylie, and Massive Attack, among many others. Yet he has also remained underground, which is why it's so exciting to see him recognised by an arts institution like the ICA, and to have the progressive nature of his imaginative creative work being acknowledged by the House of Beauty and Culture book.

The House of Beauty and Culture by Kasia Maciejowska, edited by Gregor Muir, published by ICA, £20

Judy Blame / Never Again Exhibition Info here

House Beauty and Culture by Kasia Maciejowska here

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