BOTTLETOP x Idris Khan + Armory

British sustainable luxury fashion brand BOTTLETOP is proud to collaborate with contemporary artist Idris Khan on the design of a limited-edition tote in celebration of The Armory Show 2017 in New York. The edition is limited to 400 with each piece being hand signed and numbered by the artist.

The bag exterior features Khan’s artwork ‘To Disappear’, from 2016. The artist’s dense saturated style has been applied by hand via multiple screens on to different sections of the bag, giving it a new aesthetic and renewing its cultural message. The rich feeling of multiple layers, ever present in Khan’s work, is viscerally communicated when re-worked for different materials, and fits seamlessly with the character of BOTTLETOP designs as simultaneously raw and refined. 

The design has been created in partnership with Artisan Fashion, a unique social enterprise empowering local artisans in Africa. Every edition of the unisex ‘Rangau’ tote has been crafted using East African farmed cotton, woven by hand in Kenya. Each bag is meticulously hand cut, screen printed, embossed and individually tailored. 

The aluminium parrot clips on the straps of the bag are made from up-cycled car engine parts, taps and padlocks. Once assembled in Nairobi, the straps of the bags are individually ‘striped’ with a signature line of white stitching in London at Khan’s studio, where the bags are hand numbered and signed.

Matching function with form, these artistically expressive, practically capacious bags are ideal day bags for all genders. Featuring leather handles, a large internal zip pocket and poppers to edit the use of space, these bags are ideal for beach, gym and weekends away.

This exclusive limited edition of 400 bags is available at The Armory Show, Victoria Miro Gallery, Sean Kelly Gallery and at for £235 / $295.

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