Bottletop unveils Selfridges Window and introduces the Dani Rucksack

We are proud to announce our first Bottletop window, introducing our new Dani rucksack design at the iconic British department store, Selfridges, last week. 
Entitled 'The Human Face of Fashion' and featuring the BOTTLETOP Dani rucksack hanging alone, as a solitary work of art in vast space, while observed by hundreds of Russian dolls of all sizes, representing the people that BOTTLETOP has empowered through its work since 2002.
The Dani Rucksack is created by hand at the Bottletop atelier in Salvador, Brazil, using the finest, butter-soft, Amazon Deforestation leather.
What this means is that we are able to trace the provenance of the leather, from the fields to the tannery proving that no Rainforest has been harmed in the process. More than 2010 million cattle (the worlds largest commercial herd) live on Brazilian ranches. Over the last twenty years the Amazon herd has tripled in size to nearly 60 million cattle. That same period saw 116,000 square miles of rainforest (an area the size of New Mexico) be destroyed.
The Dani also features the Bottletop signature 'Tranca Mistura' braiding detail on the front pocket; a blend of hand painted, up-cycled aluminium pull tabs with this leather. 
Dani is lined with a soft, silky lining made from upcycled plastic (PET) featuring the playful Bottletop pop-art jaquard print.
Our Selfridges window is part of the Bright New Things launch at Selfridges which celebrates brands that are blazing a trail with sustainability at the heart of their work. Please visit Selfridges to see the work of these amazing brands and to purchase our collection.

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