The New Face of Bottletop: Lais Ribeiro



Lais is holding the Claudia tech-clutch from the Narciso Rodriguez (heart) Bottletop collaboration


Why did you decide to partner with Bottletop? 

Bottletop is a brand that has values that speak to me as a design conscious woman. You create beautiful, elevated collections using the finest sustainable materials, supporting the fragile resources of our planet while delivering training programs for artisans, enabling them to refine their craft. Your atelier is in Bahia - the neighbouring state to my own in Brasil. It was natural for me to want to endorse your work - and its direct impact - in a place that is so dear to me. You also empower young people with health education through the Bottletop Foundation in Brazil and in different parts of Africa, which as a mother, is important to me.

Lais is wearing the Anja bag in silver

Why is Bottletop important to you?

Bottletop is marrying the best in design with a transparent supply chain and a brand mission that resonates strongly with me. I believe it's so important for brands, which have an increasingly powerful voice in the world, to use that platform wisely and what you are doing with Bottletop is setting an example for others to follow. You are showing that luxury design and product quality can also be matched with ethics that can enable us to feel proud of the items that we own and the journey they have made to reach us and who has been affected along the way. Imagine a world where all brands set out to achieve that!

Behind the scenes on set at the stunning Gramercy Park Hotel roof terrace in NYC


What are your duties as an ambassador?

As an ambassador I want to use my own platform creatively to shine a light on your work. Naturally that means in campaigns for the brand but also in other ways that we are still conceiving. Cameron and Oliver (the Co-Founders), have lots of exciting ideas. They are also really interested in my perspective in terms of design, their use of materials and product quality as well. I already have some product wear-testing duties, which with my punishing travel schedule will no doubt generate some useful insights! I will also be heavily involved in the funds and awareness raising projects for the Bottletop Foundation and look forward to seeing the impact that Bottletop is having on the ground first hand and meeting some of the young people who have benefitted from this work. Needless to say, I can't wait!

Lais is wearing bespoke Bottletop knit leggings created by Bertie Cotterell and carrying the Lisa tote from the Bottletop x Africa's Out! collaboration


How would you describe Brazilian style?

I think most Brazilians have a chill, relaxed style.

Lais is wearing a bespoke Bottletop knit dress created by Bertie Cotterell and wearing the Sammy rucksack from the Bottletop x Africa's Out! collaboration


What is your favourite part about being from Brazil?

I’m proud of my heritage. The amazing energy of the people is always uplifting.

Lais is holding a Tatiana from the Enamel collection

How did you get involved with Bottletop? 

My great friend and fellow Angel, Candice Swanepoel, has been an ambassador of their work for three years and introduced us. Candice had a feeling we would get along very well and she was right! Go #TeamBottletop



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