3 Bags for the Travelistas

August has nearly come to an end but there is still time for packing all your essentials and hit a beach, explore a cultural city or enjoy a weekend in the countryside, far away from the big smoke.
Wherever you are going, Bottletop bags and accessories will support you with style and versatility
throughout each and every moment of your journey...


Luciana: your petite companion

Keep your travel documents and passport safe with Luciana and let your travels begin!  
Shop Luciana


Carolina: space for everything

 Sunglasses, towel, sun lotion, your latest electrifying read book and all your essentials…in short the perfect beach and city bag. If you are heading to a European capital this summer, Carolina will ensure that you have space for all of the treasures and trinkets from your inevitable shopping discoveries. Carolina is over-sized and surprisingly lightweight. Ideal for both cross-body and over the shoulder use, Carolina can also be carried in the crook of your arm. And it’s on sale now! Grab your Carolina before it’s too late…



Amazona: And so…tonight!

Add the finishing touch to your look with the Amazona; one of the key styles from our collection. Why? The Amazona is a dreamy blend of spacious generosity while retaining a clean, minimal look and feel. Perfect for both a poolside cocktail or a night of partying. 50% off with selected colours. Buy yours now!

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