Urban Zen: Creating a Soulful Economy

On December 8th Bottletop Co-Founder, Cameron Saul, joined Donna Karan at Urban Zen in NY for the launch of the holiday Marketplace and to discuss the importance of a 'Soulful Economy'.


Cameron joined sustainable luxury pioneers Marcella Echevaria, Liz Heller, Cynthia Hardy and Danielle Saint Lot for a passionate session where each shared their stories and challenges of creating luxury artisan design in Haiti, Bali, Brazil and beyond.

The evening was hosted at the stunning Urban Zen 'Marketplace', curated by Donna Karan and showcasing the best of the worlds artisan design from all over the world. The Marketplace will run through January 2015 so please visit this stunning space, set up at the Urban Zen Center, 711 Greenwich St, NY.  

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