The Bottletop Foundation: Yawenta Centre for Children

The Bottletop Foundation is at the heart of everything Bottletop does. It was the spark that started our journey and is a continual source of inspiration for our work. The Bottletop Foundation empowers disadvantaged young people to take control of their lives through health education and vocational training projects; in turn supporting their wider communities.


A new program we are supporting is the Yawenta Centre for Children in Shashamane, Ethiopia. The centre was founded to help children living with HIV / AIDS and other vulnerable children in the area. They are committed to providing intensive individual care for each of their children, providing education and support to help strengthen their families and communities.


A photo of the children at the Yawenta Centre


The Yawenta Centre includes a nursery and primary school run by qualified teachers. Children are provided with healthcare and balanced meals on a daily basis, as well as transportation to and from the centre, occasional educational trips, and clothing. Parents of the children are provided with advice on health issues such as immunisation, food, and hygiene. 


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