Bottletop @ Art Basel in Miami

In a sun drenched 80 degree December Bottletop was excited to be at Miami for Basel; the contemporary art show that is fast becoming the hottest ticket on the global contemporary art circuit and the one which has morphed in to a global hub for those at the forefront of all things creative. Bottletop was in town to visit a number of leading galleries and meeting artists that we are working with on forthcoming projects.

Londons Victoria Miro was the standout favourite with works by Japanese icon Yayoi Kusama presented alongside pieces by Brazilian doyenne Adriana Varejao, Chris Ofili and Idris Khan.

Another favourite is NY gallery Jack Shainman, representing a wonderfully eclectic group of our favourite artists including Ghanaian giant El Anatsui with his mesmerising tapestries of bottle tops, metal and found objects.

Artist Nick Cave (not the musician, who we also love) stunned everyone with works of staggering detail alongside thought-provoking and beautiful pieces by conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas.

Digesting the party scene in Miami during Basel is somehow even more intense than processing the volume of artwork and our enamel Tatiana bag caught everyones attention at the Wallpaper and Maison Margiela parties...

Even winning a listing as one of the highlights of Basel in the Times Square Chronicles.

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