Behind the scenes on Bottletops AW13 shoot with Candice Swanepoel

For our AW13 Bottletop shoot we return to the cultural heartland of Brazil and home of the Bottletop atelier; Salvador de Bahia. A city where the positive energy of this vibrant country is more alive and awake than anywhere. We were coming with a special new friend; one who is also in love with this magical place. A friend who speaks not only the local language… but even knows where to find the best ‘acaraje’ local street food; Candice Swanepoel.


Originally from South Africa, Candice has Brasil in her heart and when we met for the first time in NY earlier this year, we discovered our mutual love for Bahia. Immediately we started planning to shoot the Bottletop AW13 campaign here. No where else would have made sense.


As is so often the way in Brazil, the planning was total chaos (and nothing confirmed until 24 hours before the shoot) with the team flying in from all over the world; photographer Robert Astley Sparke and his assistant Mauricio flew up from Sao Paulo, along with documentary photographer Andre Vieira and hair and makeup artist Lau Neves. Bottletop Founders Oliver Wayman and Cameron Saul from London joined local operations Director Luciano Dos Santos and the team from the Bottletop atelier. Last but not least (and in the middle of NY fashion week), Candice and her friend Jerome joined us from NY.  


With luck on our side everything fell beautifully in to place at the very last minute, but only with the help and generosity of new friends that we made along the way. Only the week before the shoot we discovered one of Brazil’s foremost fashion designers, Vitorino Campos, was also based in sleepy Salvador. Vitorino and his partner Natalia introduced us to the location, styled the shoot, recruited one of Brasil’s hottest DJs, Ariel Freitas to provide the sound track for the shoot day that kept spirits high and energy pulsing. They became our Bahian family and we got lost for a weekend in paradise that none of us will forget. 

These stunning behind the scenes images by Jerome Duran will give you a feel for the fun that we had… 


Clothing for the shoot was provided by Vitorino Campos and Narciso Rodriguez alongside knitwear by Bottletop. 


Visit Campaign to see the Bottletop AW13 collection with Candice Swanepoel.



Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. x



Tasty Acaraje street food.



From the best stall in Salvador.



Candice meets the team at the Bottletop atelier.



With Bottletop Founders Cameron and Oliver.



Local Operations Director Luciano – one day he will be President of Brasil! 




In hair and makeup Candice wearing Vitorino Campos.



Shoot time. Candice wears Narciso Rodriguez and carries the Bottletop Anja bag.



Photographer Robert Astley Sparke hard at work.




Candice wears Bottletop leggings and jersey and carrying the Bottletop (RED) Anna bag.




Candice wears Bottletop skirt and tee with Luiza bag and Kibe belt in teal.

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