The Art of Discrimination

‘Would you discriminate against me?’

This is the question being explored at a compelling event hosted in Brighton, England, next Saturday. The Art of Discrimination, an ambitious collaboration of art, film and music from leading artists and activists, communicates narratives of life, illness and disability through personal stories of triumph over stigmatisation.


The exhibition features striking photographs from Nadia Bettega’s collection Changing the Face of Human Rights and Through Positive Eyes, a collaboration by South African photographer Gideon Mendel and UCLA, which presents themes of HIV/AIDS and extreme social inequality. Live speakers include Independent journalist and HIV activist Winnie Sseruma and Sam Thomas, founder of Men Get Eating Disorders Too.





Putting an end to stigma and discrimination is a goal we truly believe in. Like the Bottletop Foundation, The Art of Discrimination is setting out to break down cultural boundaries and give a voice to those so often marginalised in everyday society.


The Art of Discrimination will take place on Saturday 29th September from 11.30 to 5pm at Brighton Unitarian Church. Admission free: click here to donate


Images: Nadia Bettega, Gideon Mendell

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