Rising Star Nura Khan

Brazil is a country close to our hearts – its flamboyance, warmth and party spirit are second to none, not to mention its supermodels! Up-and-coming stylist Nura Khan, who is half Brazilian herself, tapped into the nation’s bold glamour in her fashion story for Vogue Brazil that featured rebel model Alice Dellal at the London Pavillion of Art and Design.




“I love baby colours and decorative patterns and can’t resist adding funny details”, chirps the beautiful Nura, who is Junior Fashion Editor at Sunday Times Style. She’s not just a pretty face either: this clever chick was educated at Camberwell College of Art and Oxford University, and speaks fluent French and Portuguese no less. Fashion Parlance is her first language though, and her eloquent grasp of the lingo currently has her popping up on super new site Art Wednesday and lighting up the blogosphere with appearances on the Topshop Tumblr and Garance Doré.



Hers is a name you are sure to see more of… Miss NK has arrived!

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