Mozambique Education Project

Project update from Positivo, our new education project in Mozambique, which uses music and film to engage young people:


On Monday we returned from Mabote, where a team of ten of us recently spent six days working. We were able to expand our programme and include a lot more activities than had been previously planned.


Two months ago we trained a group of ten ‘dinamizadores culturais’ which means activists trained in HIV knowledge transmission for the communities. Also we have had a volunteer working with us training film makers. Consequently we were able to take two activists and an assistant film maker to Mabote. The activists work with a film made in Mozambique which deals with the day to day life of Mozambicans and relates HIV issues.


The film was shown to three groups of students with 2 hour debates afterwards, organised and managed by the activists. The assistant worked with the volunteer to produce a very promising video clip. The film was also shown to around 350 people in the market place of Mabote on Saturday night. All these activities (raising crucial awareness about HIV/AIDS) were in addittion to our usual song-writing workshop programme, which produced a beautiful and powerful song for the community.X
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