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Bottletop’s annual fundraiser, Full Circle, will be held on the 7th October 2010 at Phillips de Pury and Company in London, in an attempt to raise more money to widen its reach of educational programmes in Africa, Brazil and the UK.


The event promises a collection of music, fashion and art from a multitude of cultures with support from high profile committee members including Colin Firth, Bob Geldof and Miriam Clegg.


The evening will include dinner for 220 guests with entertainment and an acoustic performance from Beverley Knight.


The inspiring charity teaches young people around the world about teenage health issues, ranging from HIV/AIDS to teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and gender equality.


Bottletop, set up by fashionista Cameron Saul, funds youth sex- education projects around the world to help inform local communities and prevent the spread of HIV and sexual disease.


Cameron discovered a wire frame handbag made from local bottle tops while working as a teacher in Uganda. With the help of UK fashion house, Mulberry, he turned the idea in to a huge success with the Mulberry Bottletop Campaign generating both local employment and vital funds for grass roots education projects in Africa.


He says it was humbling ‘to understand a day-to-day life which was about survival rather than what would be the next season’s colour.’

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