Morela Enamel


You know those days when you just need to carry a lot of stuff? It’s these occasions when our Morela tote comes in really handy, because with its spacious proportions, you’ll be able to comfortably carry your laptop, books, reusable water bottle...even a spare pair of shoes. Featuring an Amazon Zero Deforestation leather handle, intricate crochet detailing running along the length of the zip closure, and an internal zip pocket.

  • Internal pocket with zip closure
  • Created by hand at the BOTTLETOP atelier in Itapua, Brazil supporting artisans and the wider community

39cm wide x 31cm high x 11cm deep

  • Hand crocheted upcycled metal tabs
  • Leather handle and accents made from certified Amazon Zero Deforestation leather
  • Hand painted metal tabs in sumptuous tones
  • Over time the enamel finish will gradually fade in parts of heavy use, revealing the sparkling metal hidden beneath in a way that is unique to each design