Dani Backpack

Amazon Tan

The Dani backpack is created by hand at the BOTTLETOP atelier in Brazil, using the finest, butter-soft Amazon Zero Deforestation leather. Dani features a large interior pocket and a padded laptop section at the back. Dani comfortably houses 12 inch Macbook laptops and smaller.

With padded adjustable straps for extra comfort the Dani also features the BOTTLETOP signature 'Mistura' braiding detail on the front pocket. Dani is lined with a soft, silky lining made from up-cycled plastic (PET) featuring the playful BOTTLETOP pop art print.

Dani Backpack


28 wide x 37 high x 13 deep. Internal pocket 8 x 5cm.


  • Hand crocheted upcycled metal tabs
  • Leather strap and accents made from certified Amazon Zero Deforestation Leather
  • Enamel painted, hand finished crochet work using up-cycled ring-pull detailing throughout
  • Over time the enamel finish will gradually fade in parts of heavy use, revealing the sparkling metal hidden beneath in a way that is unique to each design


  • Zip closure
  • Amazon Zero Deforestation Leather
  • BOTTLETOP's signature Mistura Braiding Technique on front pocket
  • BOTTLETOP pop art print lining made from up-cycled plastic (PET)
  • Created by hand at the BOTTLETOP atelier in Salvador, Brazil

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