We are proud to announce and exhibit the couture designs that BOTTLETOP has created especially for the greatest global sporting moment on earth.
A blend of sustainable design and intricate hand craftsmanship, these unique pieces have been designed by BOTTLETOP in London. The creation of the designs has taken place with local artisans between London, Salvador, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
Featuring thousands of hand painted, up-cycled metal pull tabs, collected especially from across the state of Bahia in the North East of Brazil and thousands of up-cycled Swarovski crystals from Europe, the hand application of which has happened over a six-month period. Knitwear specialist Bertie Bertinez created the catsuits in London by hand.
The designs were photographed with Brazilian supermodel, VS Angel and BOTTLETOP muse Lais Ribeiro by Grayson Hoffman in NY.