Elegant and lightweight, the Rio is one of our best selling signature BOTTLETOP bag styles. With a large interior zip pocket, Amazon Zero Deforestation leather handles and detailed crochet work along the zip, the Rio is a practical day bag that houses everything beautifully. Crafted by hand with love at the BOTTLETOP atelier in Brazil.


32cm wide tapering to 19cm x 30cm high. Internal pocket 15cm x 13cm. Handle 52cm.


  • Hand crocheted upcycled metal tabs
  • Leather strap and accents made from certified Amazon Zero Deforestation Leather


  • Hand finished crochet work using up-cycled ring-pull detailing throughout
  • Amazon Zero Deforestation Leather Handle
  • Leather BOTTLETOP branding
  • Large internal zip pocket
  • Created by hand at the BOTTLETOP atelier in Salvador, Brazil

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