Prairie Sunset
Luisa was designed by Narciso Rodriguez in collaboration with BOTTLETOP. A unisex 12 inch laptop sleeve and document case, Luisa is lightweight, tactile and leather lined. Featuring our signature 'Mistura' hand braiding detail on one side; an intricate weave of up-cycled metal with sumptuous Amazon Zero Deforestation leather.


37cm high x 26cm wide x 15cm deep. Internal pocket 22cm x 13cm. Wristlet strap 15cm.


  • Upcycled metal tabs
  • Leather strap and accents made from certified Amazon Zero Deforestation Leather
  • Enamel painted, hand finished crochet work using up-cycled ring-pull detailing throughout
  • Over time the enamel finish will gradually fade in parts of heavy use, revealing the sparkling metal hidden beneath in a way that is unique to each design


  • Oversized clutch bag
  • Unisex 12 inch laptop sleeve / document case
  • Amazon Zero Deforestation Leather
  • Lined with napper leather
  • Wrist strap
  • Enamel painted, up-cycled ring-pull detailing throughout
  • BOTTLETOP's signature Mistura Braiding Technique
  • Created by hand at the BOTTLETOP atelier in Salvador, Brazil

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